The CADE ATP System Competition

CASC Registration

CASC Registration

(for CASC system entrants and associates only)

The nominated entrant of each registered system must formally register for CASC using the IJCAR registration. Associates are encouraged to also formally register for CASC, or at least come to the CASC dinner. The registration fee includes the proceedings, the sumptuous competition dinner, an elegant CASC T-shirt, and a great trophy (if you're a winner :-)! If you cannot come to CASC, we'll post you your T-shirt and eat your dinner.

The CASC Dinner

A dinner for registered CASC entrants and associates will be held some evening before the competition. Entrants and organizers of SMT-COMP, Termination Competition 2010, and OWL Reasoner Evaluation are also invited to the dinner, and should register for the dinner as part of their IJCAR registration. Spouses are also welcome. You have to be one of these people to attend this dinner. It's an exclusive event!


The CASC T-shirts are legends in their own lifetimes. Entrants and associates who register for CASC will each receive a CASC T-shirt. Check out the CASC-23, CASC-J5, CASC-22, CASC-J4, CASC-21, CASC-J3, CASC-20, CASC-J2, CASC-19, CASC-18, CASC-JC, CASC-17, CASC-16, CASC-15, and CASC-14 designs. They're collector items!