System Version

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System Version [SysNN] is introduced in this section. It describes the calculus and inference rules used.

Start this section as shown, with the system name and version, citing any salient papers. Write the whole system description using 3rd person passive voice, i.e., say "something has been done" rather than "we did something".


This section describes the search strategies used, why they are effective, and how they are selected for given problems. Any strategy tuning that is based on specific problems' characteristics must be clearly described (and justified in light of the tuning restrictions).


This section describes the implementation of the ATP system, including the programming language used, important internal data structures, and any special code libraries [LibNN] used. You can point to a WWW site where the system is available like this:

Expected Competition Performance

This section should make some prediction about the performance of the ATP system in each of the divisions and categories the system is competing in.


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