The CADE ATP System Competition

System Registration

System registration closes on 28th June 2002

Register your system as early as possible, so that the organizers can ensure that sufficient resources are available.
Do it as soon as you have read the design and organization information.

In addition to registering the ATP system for CASC using the form below, the nominated entrant must also formally register for CASC (but not necessarily the full conference). You don't need to do that right now, but you should submit this system registration immediately.

ATP System Registration Form

ATP System Name
System Version Number

Competition Divisions MIX UEQ SAT FOF EPR
MIX Proof class

Demonstration Divisions MIX UEQ SAT FOF EPR

Entrant (handling all competition participation issues)
Name T-shirt size: S M L XL
System URL
Associates' names
(If any associates formally register for CASC, please let the CASC organizers know their T-shirt sizes.)

Your system registration will be confirmed by email. Don't forget that you must provide a system description before the registration deadline.